Here a few of my favourite Authors

In honour of world book day in UK & Eire I thought I would name some of my favourite authors in celebration. For a book junkie like myself; this is a blog that required a lot of thought. I guess it must be like asking a mother to name her favourite child, it’s near on impossible.


My love affair with the written word happened quite late in life although I loved looking at and holding books I didn’t read a book all the way through until I was 10 or 11; but it very quickly became an addiction. One reason I think I love history so much is that, in all in sense and purpose, it is just one big story but the only difference is that it is true..


There are some authors that are timeless and they you just want to read all that they write. Here are my top 12 authors that I love in no particular order:


Derek Jacobi and Author Ellis Peters

Ellis Peters Author of the Brother Cadfael books

I feel in love with the TV adaptations and the books were even better. Ellis is able to capture a world divided in civil war through the eyes of Benedictine Friar that is a one man medieval CIS investigator.


C J Sansom Author of the Shardlack Mystries

The latest Shardlake Adventure

CJ Sansom has an amazing ability to weave a story in Tudor England that incorporates Historical events & murder into the life of a hunchbacked lawyer who has more lives than a cat. His books are truly griping.



Professor Snape played By Alan Rickman Created by J K Rowling

J K Rowling Author of Harry Potter

The sheer imagination of these books are amazing. It is easy to see how there was a cult following – it would have been a crime NOT to have made them in to films. What is even better is that Rowling did something even more magical than cast a spell at Hogwarts, she has opened the world of books and reading to countless children around the world.  


Agatha Christie greatest crime writer of all Time

Poirot one of the best crime fiction characters Agatha Christie created

Christie captured a time in history between the wars that is just so English and weaves it into her thrillers as well as creating some of the most memorable characters in both literature and on screen.


One of the best Tudor Historical Fictions I have read

Hilary Mantel Author of Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall was not only a spell binding story but it was also an amazing piece of historical research. Mantel is bewitching in her writing I was truly sorry to finish that book and look forward to its sequel.


Maeve Binchy Irish writer

Binchy captures the Irish manneri

Film adapation ofone of the most touching books binchy had written Circle Of Friends

sms in her vivid beautiful characters and is able to tell amazing tales that touch the heart of humanity. Whether it’s set in the 1950s or the 00’s Binchy is able to write about people and bring them alive.


The Red Queen the Second in the cousins War Trilogy

Philippa Gregory Queen of the historical Fiction Genre

Philippa Gregory is one of the best historical fiction writers out there. Her particular specialism is female characters both invented and real and they are truly brought to life on the page. The research is so good that you feel that you are witnessing history and getting to know the characters through big historical events. The real skill is being able to write the story without patronizing the audience Gregory does this well.  


J R R Tolkien Author of LOTR & the Hobbit.

Hobbit The first big adveture story to be read to me

The hobbit was first read to me aged 10. I fell in love with Bilbo and his adventure. It was in my 20s that I went back and reread it and read the Lord of the Rings for the first time. Great imagination and story telling with so many hidden messages that Tolkien’s books should definitely be reread.


Adrian Mole during the Cappacino Years aged 33yrsAdrian Mole during the Cappacino Years aged 33yrs

Sue Townsend Author of the Adrian Mole stories

Every child should be made to read Adrian Mole. The teenage years are captured so well. As Adrian matures through his diary you suddenly realise that your life is not so bad. Discovered in my late teens I wish I had met Adrian when I was 13 & ¾. Adrian mole is a true British underdog.


Ken Follett Author of Pillars of the Earth

one of the most intesne reads of my adult life.

This was one of my land mark books. This is one of the most intense books I have ever read. It was almost 3 books in one. The history and people come alive and Ken is the first male writer I have come across that can actually write a sex scene – clearly he has had sex with a woman at some point.


Antony Trollope Author of the Barchester Cronicles

Mr Slope From Barchester Towers Played by a dashing Young Mr Rickman

Barchester Towers may just be my new favourite book ever. Trollope is also the only Classic writer on this list and in my opinion much better than Dickens. Easy to read great characters interesting and stimulating plots all-round excellent book.

Joanne Harris Author of Chocolat & the Lollipop shoes.

Film poster for Chocolat

For me Joanne Harris is an odd author. I find I either love her books or hate them. The two that I love are Chocolat and its sequel The Lollipop shoes. Warm uplifting stories set in France and one woman and her daughter…. There is magic in those pages!


So there you have it 12 of the greatest story tellers that I have read to date. I wonder how many more I could add to that list by the end of the year.


PS My dessert island author is a toss up between the complete works of Ellis Peters Sue Towsend and Antony Trollope make of that what you will.

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