Ten facts about HMS Titanic

It will be 100 years ago on Sunday since HMS Titanic the unsinkable ship sank after hitting an Ice burg on her maiden voyage to New York.

To mark the occasion I have hunted out 10 facts about the ill-fated ship.

1)      The boat only had enough life boats for half the passengers on board. Although the instruction was for women and children some first class men did get seats and some of the life boats were lowered only half full.

2)      Amongst the items lost with the sinking of the ship were 3000 mail bags and 1 car.

3)      The ship had state of the art heated swimming pool on board

4)      Every state room on the ship had electric heat and lights. This was very modern in Edwardian times

5)      Only 306 of the souls lost at sea were discovered and recovered.


6)      It took 3 years to build Titanic in Belfast Northern Ireland

7)      When leaving Southampton there were 40,000 fresh eggs on board the ship

8)      Titanic was 268m long

9)      The ship had 29 boilers that consumed 825 tonnes of coal per day.

10)     Her top speed was 23 knots

The Wreck

May god bless those souls who perished on the HMS Titanic

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2 Responses to Ten facts about HMS Titanic

  1. Nice tribute Laura

  2. Russ says:

    1 Fact about the Titanic: The ship was not a part of the Royal Navy. She was a Royal Mail carrier so was titled RMS not HMS which is reserved for warships of the Royal Navy.

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