Thought of the Week – Marcel Proust

I think that life would suddenly seem wonderful to us if we were threaten to die.

Just think of how many projects travel, love affairs, studies bits.

Our life hides from us, made invisible by our laziness

Which certainty of a future delays them incessantly,

But let all this threaten to be become impossible forever

How beautiful it would become again.


Ahh if only the cataclysm doesn’t happen this time

We won’t miss visiting the new galleries of the Louvre

Throwing ourselves at the feet of Mr x

Or making a trip to India.


The cataclysm doesn’t happen we don’t do any of it

Because we find ourselves back in the heart of normal life

When negligence deadens desire

And yet we shouldn’t have needed the cataclysm

To love life today it would have been enough to think

That we are humans and that death may come this evening

Marcel Proust.

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One Response to Thought of the Week – Marcel Proust

  1. it’s simply beautiful what he wrote and, alas, awfully true! unfortunately we do need the threat of death to wake us from our ordinary lives and it’s really a pitty…

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