Why Our Monarchy Is So British


Our Queen and 2 of her little friends


This blog has been long coming (sorry about that life kind of got complex and messy) and has been inspired by a tweet by Greg Jenner it said: “What could be more bizarre than Prince Charles reading the weather? Apart from the institution of monarchy in the first place.” Well this is my response to that tweet in defence of why monarchy is a perfectly natural and non bizarre institution that we should be proud of and celebrate. Of course I don’t think that Greg was necessary anti monarchy, but I do think that he is wrong about it being Bizarre. (The House of Lords now that’s a bizarre idea of an institution!)
The way I see it is that all institutions need leaders to govern. Our monarchy is an evolution that is spectator that went from individual kingdoms and tribes ruled by chiefs and kings to eventually being a Untied K
ingdom of England, then England and Wales until eventually a untied in spirit then in legislation to be the
United Kingdom.
Through this evolution, the role of the monarch has gone from king judge leader ruler to figure head. This in my opinion does not mean that in the 21st century that the institution is surplus to requirement or antiquated. The demands on the royals for their time for good causes and opening new libraries is part of Britishiness just like Fish and Chips, men with socks and sandals and Pimms and strawberries at Wimbledon. The love of the younger Royals I feel will evolve the monarchy further in my life time and after the queen has gone to the big castle in the sky. 

The future of the Monarchy, 21st Century Royals William & Kate

So this year on the 5th June I shall be celebrating 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign and hope that it is an institution that lasts for many generations after me.

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3 Responses to Why Our Monarchy Is So British

  1. fromthefourthcorner says:

    Don’t you think there’s something outdated and even morally wrong about the idea that someone has such a position as a birthright? Even if the power they have is only symbolic they still have a lot of wealth and privilege purely thanks to being born lucky. People have a problem with Paris Hilton or the Kardashians being famous for doing nothing so what about the monarchy? Why should William get all that money and fawning attention just because he was lucky enough to be born into it? Obviously there is a lot of work involved with being in the monarchy too, but the problem is the implication that these people are better than the rest of us based purely on their breeding heritage, and that really irks me.
    Of course that’s just the opinion of a disgruntled colonial subject at the edge of the empire though! 😉

    • Actually, one of the reasons I am Monarchist is that it is a symbol of our link to the Commonwealth. We British have no right by ourselves to get rid of the monarch.

  2. sharon says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Like everything else, monarchy evolves… just more slowly than other things!

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