Good Night Maeve & Thank You For All The Magical Stories

There are just some authors that are like chicken soup for the soul, Maeve Binchy was one such story teller.
The first adult book I read cover to cover was Circle of Friends, she took me to a time when my mother was growing up in catholic
Dublin, it helped me imagine what life was like for her growing up. Last year while I was so poorly Minding Frankie was one of the best books I read.
Maeve started her career as a teacher before training to be a journalist before getting her first book published in 1982. That was Light a Penny Candle the only Binchy book I have never manage to complete.
It’s her later work that I love the most.
Tara Road, Feathers, Quintins Evening Class and Minding Frankie are all interlinked the characters wonder in and out of this magical suburban
Dublin that came from Binchy’s imagination.
Only last week I read a short story on kindle by Maeve Full House and again the characters from the pervious books were there. The story was so gripping I missed my stop at
Chancery Lane and ended up at
Liverpool Street! I am currently about 40 pages into Heart and soul and already many places and names from previous books are popping up.
So hear I end and I want to thank you for all the hours of enjoyment and escapism that you have given me. Good night and sleep well for you will always be remembered through the legacy of your imagination captured on the pages of your books. Rest in peace Maeve x


PS A week in Winter by Maeve Binchy will be Published 11 October I Just pre ordered it for my Mum on her Kindle!

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