Happy Birthday Oscar!

So sorry for the massive delay between posts, life got in the way but hopefully I will be back up to speed soon.

I thought as its its my favourite poets birthday today I would add my favourite poem by him in a blog.

At Verona

HOW steep the stairs within Kings’ houses are
For exile-wearied feet as mine to tread,
And O how salt and bitter is the bread
Which falls from this Hound’s table,–better far
That I had died in the red ways of war,
Or that the gate of Florence bare my head,
Than to live thus, by all things comraded
Which seek the essence of my soul to mar.

‘Curse God and die: what better hope than this?
He hath forgotten thee in all the bliss
Of his gold city, and eternal day’–
Nay peace: behind my prison’s blinded bars
I do possess what none can take away,
My love, and all the glory of the stars.

Oscar Wilde
So darling Oscar as you said your self the only thing worse than being Talked about is not being talked about so I Thought I would. Happy Birthday Oscar xx

My favourite Dandy, Oscar Wilde

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One Response to Happy Birthday Oscar!

  1. I rather love dear old Oscar as a playwright and the brilliant author of ‘the picture of dorian gray’ but nevertheless mentioned his birthday yesterday. great to see it celebrated from another point of view

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