Why I choose not to Vote for the first time.

Firstly part 2 of my adventures in France is nearly finished but I am enjoying remembering it too much just as I think I’ve finished I remember more. Travel log aside I wanted to post a piece about the farce that was todays PCC vote.

Ever since I had the right to vote I have, local and general alike. Its important to use your vote as many don’t have the rights we do, but also as a woman we had to fight hard to get it and it would be morally wrong if you didn’t participate and do your civil duty.

However during the local and general elections canditates post leaflets through the door, you can put names to policies and political parties there is media coverage and and local if not national debate.

This farce that was presented to day had no local press coverage, nothing pushed through the door. I didn’t even know if these canditates were party political, police officers or independant.

Firstly I strongly feel that party politic should not be influenced in the running of local police. In fact politics should not enter any of our services wither the fire, police or NHS, at a national level through ministers yes at local level no. That is of course my opinion.

Secondly the job that was being voted on was I believe to run a police force, that is surely something that can be decided through job interviews not through ill informed local people voting. Make the job have a fix term cotract of say 4 years and then reinterview.

Also if it is political should police forces be run by people who a) haven’t been active in the police force, B) by political has beans or wannabes? Surely people who have had a good career within the force or have excellent community knowledge and and networks would be more suitable.

So instead of going to the polls and saying inie minie minie moe, lets tick any box and off we go, I decided to decline to have a say for the first time. Apathy no misuse of public vote yes; that is my honest opinion it is I think in a majority.

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