An all American Post – Hollywood has comes to London Town!

First of all Happy Thanks Giving to all my american readers. After weeks of silence you then get several posts in as many days! Second of all the Today, 22nd November 2012 is the 49th anniversary of the assinantion of JFK the most Iconic and American of presidents (also the most attractive!) So today seemed as go a day as any to publish a post that is more than a little American in theme. On Saturday i went to see the Hollywood costumes exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

A costume worn by Judy Barton in Vertigo, Iconically 50’s and i would actually love to wear it today

The exhibit brings us through Hollywood from the Silent era and Charlie Chaplin, the Glamorous Hay day of the 1920-1940 through the block busters right up to the present.
If I am very honest I like my films to be love stories or acted (not creatures made on a computer) have a handsome leading man (ideally Hugh Grant Colin Firth or Alan the God Rickman) and a leading lady whos not a wishy washy but has spunk and character. Most important of all, you have to feel emotion.

The first room has costumes from early films, The Addams family, Indiana Jones, as well as Health Ledger’s Broke back Mountain outfit and then my favourite the many depictions of Elizabeth I, as well as Marie Antoinette and Shakespeare In Love.

Shown in all its glory and amazing detail Cath Blanchett’s gown as Elizabeth I in the Golden Years. Truely stunning up close

The next room had Darth Vader, Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) a stunning gown from the Bride Wears Red (Joan Crawford 1937), Meryl streep as the Iron lady, a gown from The Artist to name but a few.

Joan Crawfords red Gown from The Bride Wears Red 1937. the sequis changed colour when the light didn’t shine on them turning the gown black green like flies wing then brillian red when the light came on!

True Class and Style Darling

The 3rd and final room included Audrey Hepburn iconic dress black dress from Breakfast at Tiffanys, Kate Winslet and Leonardo De Caprio’s costumes from Titanic, Christopher Reeve’s superman outfit hanging from the roof, Rene Zellweger from the musical film Chicargo, Marlyn Monroe from some Like It Hot, (not as big I imagined or rumoured she was definately not a size 16 or v tall). Also on show was the dress worn by Sharon Stone in the flashing scene in Basic Intinct, Cruella Daville Glenn Close Style from the live action films, Harry Potter from one of the early films, but the climax of the exhibition was the original gingham pinafore and Ruby Slippers worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

The shoes were low heel covered in faded and tatty looking sequins yet the magic they cast on me was amazing. Films create memories and emotions and even shape the people we become. The costumes are just as important as the story, actors and music the its the forth element of all films. The costumes bring the film and characters alive. Sadly today the Orginal Ruby Slippers went back to the Smithsonian Museum and a replica pair have been added to the exhibition for the rest of the time its open.

The exhibition showed the great detail and level of skill that goes into making the costumes for a film and I highly recommended visiting it before it closes in January.

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