Glad I Had A Punt At Pinter – Review Of Old Times

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Well I was hoping this would be a very easy post to write however after spending 80 minutes watching three of the best actors in the West End I have walked out some what confused.
Here is where I make a confession, I have never read or seen any of Pinter’s work, I booked the ticket for one thing only to drool over Rufus Sewell. 


The opening Scene

The opening Scene

The play at the aptly names Harold Pinter theatre, starts with Sewell, Deeley, and Kristen Scott Thomas (no way does she look her age!) Kate, talking about an old friend Thomas’ character had in her youth. Said friend played Lia Williams, Anna, is consequently coming to visit. When the friend turns up and it turns out that Deeley also knew her vaguely from the past.
It is an interesting study of human emotion and personalities. It was extremely well acted there was nothing wooden and awkward in the performances however I walked away feeling I had misunderstood it, that there must have been a hidden agenda or question. This I feel was due to the story and writing rather than performance. It is a privilege to see 3 people at the top of their craft at such close proximity.
The interesting thing about this production is that the 2 female actresses alternate the parts from performance to performance; meaning on matinee day Rufus would have 2 different wives. All in all despite feeling confused (well more than usual) I feel that was an extra ordinary way to end the week and highly recommend you to see it.
PS Rufus Sewell is even better in the flesh and if you work out what it is was all about please let me know!

Rufus #2

Please note that the Pictures from this post aren’t mine I did not Take images during the performance.

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