Remembering Anne Frank


Anne Writting at her desk - Image not mine

Anne Writting at her desk – Image not mine


Apologies that it has been a while it’s been a trying couple of weeks. My post on my trip to Brussels will be finished very soon.


It is thought that today is the anniversary of Anne Frank’s death in Bergen Belsen concentration camp in 1945. The young diarist is symbolic of the hateful persecution carried out by the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler during the Second World War


Anne and her family, who were of Jewish decent and faith, left Germany in 1933 after Hitler gained power with the Nazi Party. They relocated to Amsterdam but in 1940 they found their effort to escape Hitler and his persecution had failed when the Netherland fell under Nazi Occupation, in 1940.


In the summer of 1942 the family hid in an attic within the work place of Otto Franck Anne’s father. They lived there for 2 years until they were discovered on 4th August 1944 and sent various concentration camps before reaching Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Anne and her sister, Margot died of Typhus within days of each other. What is more frustrating and tragic was it was that the girls died within weeks of the liberation of the camp in April 1944.


The only member of the family to survive the ordeal was Otto, Anne’s father who went on to publish her diary in 1947. It was first published in English in 1952.


Through the words of this teenage girl, we have a lasting reminder of the horrific events that happened in the first part of the 20th Century. These lessons and memories should not be forgotten so that we never witness these horrors again.


Rest in Peace Anne & Margot, may your suffering have been eased and your legacy live on in your writing.


Cover of Anne's Diary in English - Image not mine

Cover of Anne’s Diary in English – Image not mine

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