Thrilling Start to the Tudor Season on BBC!

The fallen Queen (Image not mine)

The fallen Queen (Image not mine)

I know I know a month of silence and then this week this is post number 3! Last Night BBC 2 kicked off the long awaited Tudor season with the last days of Anne Boleyn. All I can say is if this is a taste of what is to come then I will truly enjoy this season.

Firstly I have to give Dr David Starkeys PR people credit for a man who has in the past been so scathing about female historians and especially female historians who also write hist fict, he was present in this excellent programme.

As someone who has studied written and enjoys reading about this period I found the view points from the various historians great it made one reconsider the angles opinions and evidence. It was an excellent display of how evidence opinion and intellect can conclude many varing points.

What I found most wonderful is that women like Hilary Mantel and Philippa Gregory who are outstanding historians who turn their detailed research into gripping novels where given an arena to show their dept of knowledge and historical understanding.

I found Alison Weir looked as if she had dress for the part in her Tudor-esq top long hair and classic face. She may don’t do it form me as a novelist but her factual books are great.


Alison Weir Image is not mine

Alison Weir Image is not mine

Tonight we have the treat of looking at the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell from the eminent Prof Diamaid MacCulloch. Mantel in her man booker prize winning novels, bring up the bodies and Wolf hall has done much to change perceptions of this man it shall be interesting to see what my favourite Oxbridge don will do to for this mans reputation.


BUTB COVERSo here’s to an exciting Tudor fest filled season, Thank you BBC!

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