A magical Midsummers Dream in June

Image not my own

Image not my own

How is it that time of year again but Saturday was my annual trip to the Globe, it was tenth year and 11th Play. The best play I have seen there without a doubt was last years Richard III however a Midsummers Night Year comes a very close contender for the best play.

The visual imagery the costumes and set design was wonderful the fairies were exactly as fairies should be not like the Disney-fied winged things. But with wood coloured layered costumes with fur and texture and some amazing shoes. (I want some fairy shoes!!)

What warmed my heart was the number of children there were in the stalls I was sat in and I was heartened when they were chuckling and laughing at the antics on stage. I too don’t think I have chuckled as much as I did on Saturday there was wit amongst the slapstick so humour for all.

Bottom and his Fairy Love

Bottom and his Fairy Love Image not my own

The one thing the actors in any play at the globe do better than anyone else is the attention to detail when the characters characters are in love or walking funny etc. That what makes it a superior watch.

John Lights performance as as Oberon and Theseus, Matthew Tennyson as Puck and Pearce Quigley as Bottom all shine through with stella performances.

Both Lights and Tennyson climbed the stage columns and balustrade with the nimbleness of a monkey swinging on ropes much to the delight of the audience.

For the first time in a few years we were rain and wind free, which I am sure was also to the relief of the actors as the males were bear chested quite a bit. It was all kind of Vikings Lord of the Rings come Saxon costumes sported by the male fairies enough to make any woman or man smile for 3 hours!

Puck and Oberon

Puck and Oberon Image not My Own

The play with a 15 minute interval was 3 hours long how the groundlings stand for that time I do not know! And once again I failed to rent a back for my seat however a stiff back and a numb bum is worth the discomfort when you get to see a performance of this quality.

I am also excited at the progression of the new Jacobean theatre being built on the site. All year round theatre within such a historic location can only make period drama even more assessable.

Another 5 star production and I can’t wait to see what the new theatre has to offer!

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