Au Revoir M. Hercule Poirot


Image Not My own David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in the adaptation of Death In the Skies

Image Not My own David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in the adaptation of Death In the Skies

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and on Goodreads will know that I have undertaken to read all the Agatha Christie Poirot novels in order and that I have become rather found of the Belgian detective.


The adaptations on TV Starring David Suchet had become something to look forward to annually at Christmas, Easter or Bank Holidays. The repeats on ITV are frequently rewatched as a friendly companion during meal times or on a rainy afternoon.


I have just started reading novel 23, Evil Under The Sun and so as of yet have not read Curtains Poirot’s final case. Due to the great talent of David Suchet plays the great detective and the great way the writers adapt the novels this was one of the few occasions that I did not mind watching the film before the book.


We meet M Poirot in the last few days of his life he is a frail old man crippled with arthritis and suffering from angina. This is what I love about Christie, she returns her hero to the place that she starts his tale to the setting of the first crime he solves. Styles. Hastings becomes vital to the story and we meet his modern out spoken daughter Judith. I will not spoil the story for those who wanted to wait until they read the book or are waiting to catch up on recorded or catch up services but Poirot does die and he does leave Hastings clues and then resolves it for him beyond the grave as Poirot knows his friend and his inability to solve crimes and jump to the wrong conclusions.


Suchet is in my mind the definitive portrayal of Hercule Poirot. His talent and Christies writing it was always going to be a winning formula. Peter Ustinov almost had it on Death on the Nile but it was just missing something that my little grey cells can not put my finger on.


Thank you David Suchet for years of happy hours watching you portray one of the best characters of 20th Century literature. Repose en Paix mon ami.

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