The 166th Anniversary of the Publication of The Communist Manifesto

Image is not my own

Image is not my own

All history and politics students have at some point through their academic career had to read or attempt to read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Thanks for that gents.


On the 24th February 1848, a political tract, written in German, was published in London. This manifesto would become one of the most influential and important political and social works to be written. Two years later the work was translated into English.


The content of the thesis is an analytical look at class struggles and the pitfalls of capitalism. From this work and that of Das Capital, the term Marxism would arise however even today the many theories that have fallen under this umbrella of political and social thinking can not be defined clearly and in some cases they even contradict each other.


Maybe it was the lack of clear definition and misinterpretation that lead Marx to famously say:


            “If anything is certain it is that I am not a Marxist”

The work was not received well everywhere and both Marx and Engels were forced into exile, Marx from Germany and Engels from Belgium.


In order to understand the past especially 20th century history and even the news events of today, it is vital to have even a rudimentary understanding of what Marx and Engels wrote. For this reason I believe that it should be a compulsory part of the curriculum in secondary education.


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