The Frustration Of Having A Brain….

Image is not my own

Image is not my own

The Recent programme The Necessary War was for me a breathe of fresh air. It was nice to see history programming that was not dumbed down. I like that Max Hastings didn’t assume the viewer was ignorant of the events – but that is the nature of the programme it was laying out an argument, the type of person who would watch this programme would naturally have an understanding of the First World war.

Yesterday I revisited Kensington Palace with a friend. Of course the palace was charming that is why I thought my companion @ladysile would like to see it. However unlike my previous visit I found the staff pushy with unrequited and history lessons.

The worst was an over excitable young man who spouted politically laced history about the Stuarts and the Duke of Monmouth inaccurately. (I should know he was the subject of my MA Dissertation)

Once we escaped the infuriating chap (I thank the lady with the buggy asking where the changing room was) we were accosted at the foot of the Queen’s staircase and were again regaled with more history. This was at least accurate.

The point is this information was unwarranted unwanted and insulting. The assumption that I was ignorant of the history or wanted to be told in such a pushy manner, (yes butting into someones private conversation is pushy) has grated on me and spoiled the experience. It’s nice that the staff are passionate about the place they work but they need to understanding the different needs of the guests; not all of us need a history for dummies lecture when visiting a place of historical interest.

Next time if I can face it, I think I will carry a sign saying Post Graduate Historian no explanation required.

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