Amazing April 23rd

Sorry about the time between posts, since I last posted I have had to say good bye to my trusty Acer Netbook of nearly 10 years. My new Acer lap top is slowly growing on me as I get to know it – It’s a PC but not as I know it.

Yesterday saw many big anniversaries: A belated Happy Birthday to William Shakespeare, 450 and still as relevant today as he were 425 years ago.

Yesterday was also the patron saints day of St George. I am the first to admit I am not patriotic to England or even feel very British, I feel more Irish or European but I am glad that St George’s day is FINALLY being marked in a similar way to St Patricks Day or Chinese New Year in London.

Yesterday also saw the anniversary of the coronation of two monarchs, in fact two brothers, 24 years apart, one restored the monarchy the other lost his throne to his cousin William of Orange and his daughter Mary in a bloodless revolution; they were Charles II crowned in 1661 and his happless brother James II in 1685 .

In 1016 another king of England succeeded to the throne Edmond Ironside succeeded his father Aethelred the Unready upon his death.

In the 14th century St George was made even more important when in 1348 Edward III founded the order of the Garter at Windsor Castle. The order still meet on St Georges day and amongst the order today include for PM John Mayor.

As well as being his birthday, April 23rd was also the date that William Shakespeare died in 1616. In fact it was a bad date for  as William Wordsworth also drew his last breathe in 1850 and Rupert Brook English poet (1887-1915) also died this date.

It was also a bumper day for the birth of Nobel Prize winners: Max Planck (1858-1947), German Physicist ; Johannes Fibiger (1867-1928), Danish Physician; Lester B Pearson Canadian (1897-1972) historian & politician, 14th Prime Minister of Canada; Bertil Ohlin (1899-1979)Swedish Economist and Halldor Laxness (1902-1998) Icelandic Author.

April 23rd clearly has something very special about it, for high achievers and English history alike; for me the most important of these special people will always be Shakespeare however there are clearly enough people to celebrate here.

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