Horace Walpole and his defence of Richard III

Horace Walpole by Van Loo Image is NOT MINE

Horace Walpole by Van Loo Image is NOT MINE

Hello all, sorry I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Currently I am on an intense IT course. Who knew that Powerpoint was worse than Excel? Utter over complex picky programme – Anyway commuting in the morning has given me reading time and my last read has prompted this short but sweet post.

Image is NOT MINE. DEPICTION OF king Richard iii

Image is NOT MINE. DEPICTION OF king Richard iii

Horace was the son of Britain’s First Prime Minister Robert Walpole and before turning his hand to historical defences of wronged monarchs and other subjects such as gardening (yes gardening!) he too was a politician.

So you thought defending Richard III is a new phenomenon? Think again, Horace Walpole was doing this in the 18th Century. The Historic Doubts on the life and reign of Richard III is a 70 page Essay stating and arguing the crimes that have been, in Walpole view, unfairly laid at Richard’s door.

In this work, the reader, both historian or civilian, can clearly sees that he has a good grip of historical knowledge & understand as well as the craft of being a Historian. It is a shame that Philippa Gregory did not read this before writing the last few books in her Cousins War series. Walpole like many of the historians I know did not like the accusation that Richard loved his niece Anne Neville inappropriately or killed his first wife in his lusts for his niece.

Forget that dreadful Langley Woman’s hysterics; if you want an eloquent and in my opinion, well written defence of Richard III you will be hard pushed to find a better place to start than with Walpole’s dome.

It is free to download on kindle via Amazon.

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