Royal Naval College Greenwich

Sorry that there has been a large gap between posts. Life has become busy in the last few days. Tuesday however was a lovely day, I saw my London adventurer friend @alicemartha and we has a day exploring Greenwich.

I know Greenwich quite well, I volunteered at the quant Fan Museum in the first part of 2010. I have been back since to stay when going to the 02 for events. I have also been to the Cutty Sark and Etham Palace nearby. I have also visited the queens house and observatory too but I had never been to the Royal Naval College before.

Before I talk about the Naval College I would like to say that the we visited the new Nelson Gallery in the National Maritime Museum. I have to say it is a subject that would naturally get me excited however the space is well laid out, it is visually exciting and the star of the gallery is the uniform worn by nelson when he was wounded.  I will add the pony tail of his hair and his bloody stockings less pleasant to view post lunch be were still extraordinary in that they belonged to this great man of our history and they are still there for people to see.

The NMM is worth a trip just to see Prince Fredrick’s barge on the ground floor and there are two fine places to get coffee and cake, Paul on the mezzanine level and the museum café. Beware over a weekend, this does become a yummy mummy buggy park.

Across the road from the Queens House on the site where Greenwich Palace once stood (Birth place of Henry VIII) there is the Royal Naval College and its Chapel. Part of the building is used by the University of Greenwich but visitors can go into the extraordinary and breath taking Painted Hall and the Naval Colleges Chapel for free.

The Painted Hall could rival the Sistine Chapel for its use of the ceiling and walls. The space was designed by none other than Sir Christopher Wren and Nicolas Hawksmoore who was later knighted for his work on the ceiling. It was a dinning room for the Naval veterans that lived in the Royal Hospital for Seamen. The hall was used for the laying in state of Horatio Nelson before his funeral in 1806.

My Favourite part of the Ceiling Image is Mine

My Favourite part of the Ceiling Image is Mine

My favourite part of the building was the ceiling at the end of the hall where there was a great portrait of William and Mary.

Across from the Dinning room was the entrance for the naval colleges Chapel. The ceiling was once again stunning gilded and aqua circular very grand. The lay out of the chapel was how I think of Quaker or Methodist churches with an amazing pulpit. There was a beautiful peace in the chapel.

The pulpit from the Chapel Image is My own

The pulpit from the Chapel Image is My own


After our look around the college we walked along the river to the quay and we took a city cruise to wesminster.I am not sure that £12.50 was worth the 35minute trip with dodgy comentry, not when you can compare a river batuex ride in paris for 6 Euro and 1 hour and half with correct and accurate commentary. however seeing the land marks of the city from the river is like a time machine.

Greenwich is definitely worth the extra trip east of London, the charming market, the royal park, the historic sites, the multitude of pubs with real ales, Vintage shops and bohemian cool there is something there for all tastes.

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