One Of The Best Books I Have Ever Read; Paris By Edward Rutherfurd

Said Book Photograph is my Own

Said Book Photograph is my Own

I am not a big fan of writing book reviews, mainly because I don’t want to a) not do good books an injustice or b) give away plot lines. Many books are good if not excellent even; but for the first time in a long time I have been moved to write a review for an extra ordinary book.

I am pinning for Paris, the curse of unemployment means that travel is restricted and off limits. So I have been emerging myself in French culture, music, film and novels. In my quest to travel to the City of Lights in my mind, I ordered Paris by Edward Rutherfurd. When it arrived I was a bit shocked it was so big. I prefer smaller books, I read slower with traditional books as the writing is smaller (yep I am as blind as a bat) so I was worried about it. It sat on my shelf and after several weeks I took the plunge.

20 Pages in all reservations I had vanished. Rutherfurd’s style of writing is beautiful, his characters are fully formed, he brings the City of Lights alive, he brings you through Paris through the ages.

The actual story is looking 6 families Le Soured, de Cygne, Renard, Blanchard, Gascon and Jacob through generations and the big events in the history of this amazing City. The lives of these people intertwine, mingle, marry.

I’ve cheered, gasped, said “what a bitch” out loud on a bus, I have spent the last month in a tardis of a book traveling through Paris with some nice and not do nice characters.

This is definitely a 5* book and I will look out for other books By Mr Rutherfurd. A book on Venice would be good Sir!

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