In Celebration Of International Women’s Day 2012: One Of My Favourite Inspirational Woman From History: Joan of Arc

Today is the Anniversary of the death of Joan of Joan of Arc heres an old post about an amazing and inspiring young lady

Laura Brennan, A Historian

It is a day late but here is my tribute to International Women’s Day. I have already written about several Inspirational ladies, Octavia Hill, Mary Queen of Scots, Lady Jane Grey and Queen Victoria. All these ladies have incredible achievements and historical credentials. So the woman that I choose to profile needs to be pretty inspirational and very deserving of the blog for this special day. The woman I have decided to highlight is Joan of Arc, of course woman may be the wrong term she was virtually a child when she was executed.

Joan was of a peasant background, she was born in 1412 to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée near the region of Lorrainein a small village called Domrémy-La- Pucelle. It is thought that Joan’s parents were farmers and owned about 50 acres of land. Her father also had a official post collecting local taxes. She was born…

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