Remembering the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings 1944

Image is not my own

Image is not my own

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the DDay landings in Normandy, part of operation Overlord. These landings on to occupied French soil have been seen as a major turning point in the events of World War II.

The Allied forces were made up of men from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Free men from France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Norway and Poland. The Invasion in Normandy took the the form of parachuting men into Normandy, via amphibious craft and naval bombardment.

Image not my own

Image not my own

By June 30th 1944, 24 days later, these brave men had a firm hold on Normandy. Bayeux, famous for its tapestry of a different of a different invasion, became the first liberated town. It was briefly the capital of Free France.

Although it was an overwhelming Allied victory the loss if men on both sides was high. Loss of young lives regardless of sides in war is tragic. The men in the other side were just young men following an order from their commanders and they valued their lives as much as our young men.

Image not my own

Image not my own

Some of the most graphic and visual film depictions of these days in June 1944 can be seen in the Miniseries Band of brothers and film Saving Private Ryan.

Many historian believe this was the turning point in the war that was the long road to victory for the allied forces in Europe. Today we remember the brave men who helped turn the fate of one of the bloodiest wars seen in modern history. We owe these men our freedom and liberty in essence all we hold dear in our way of life. The biggest thanks we can show these brave men is to never take this for granted.

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