Remembering Lady Jane Grey; The 9 Day Queen.

Today is the anniversary of the fall of Lady Jane Grey our nine day Queen. Here is an old post about this missued girl and her greedy family.

Laura Brennan, A Historian

Queen Jane’s Signiture

We truly have a rich history but sadly there incidents and events that reveal a darker, abusive, cruel side to English and British history. My last post was on the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, this was one such example of this darker history; another is the theme of today’s post, the abuse and cruel treatment of Lady Jane Grey and her husband Lord Guildford Dudley.


Today the 12th February is the anniversary of the execution of the young married couple at the Tower of London in 1554. If you thought stage children had pushy parents they you have never read the background to Lady Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley.  


Firstly it is important to establish what claim, Lady Jane Grey had to the English throne at the time of the death of her cousin Edward VI. Our ill used heroine was…

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