This Historians take on The Games Of Thrones


Image NOT Mine

Image NOT Mine


Apologies over the gap between posts life got in the way. Hoping that regularity will resume as of now. Since I last saw you I have been to the Globe for my annual treat I promise I will write it up in the next few days.

As a non Sky subscriber I found it frustrating that I had not seen Game of Thrones. I had heard various things and was interested to find out more. Now let me state it here and now I KNOW ITS FICTION – but the way some people go on and on about it you would think it was FACT!

I should also point out here that I have not read the books (I think that this probably should have been how to proceed with my curiosity)

Firstly the actors and acting first class some great names and class acts. The costumes and filming are also very well done. Also great to see a strong British cast in an American production.

As I am not familiar with the stories and books I have found that I have had to rewatch several episodes to work out who is who, who is related, married or sleeping with whom. the story lines are clearly about power struggles and for thrones of kingdoms. Ttechnically not dissimilar to a pre roman Britain ruled by tribes – but that is as close I think it is to history. SO PLEASE STOP CALLING IT HISTORY ITS FICTION.

Now to the negatives, the constant unnecessary swearing is not really required. I am not shy from a spot of potty mouth myself and don’t find it offensive in the right context however Game of Thrones has too much to frequently.

The female characters are either virgins or whores, there so far (3/4 through first series) no kick ass strong female character that you want to cheer on. The male characters are more rounded and better portrayed and this is a disappointment. and as for the blonde bit married to the savage bloke, can someone just give her a slap with a cold fish?

I don’t dislike it, however I just don’t see what all the hype is about, its watchable but for me it just did not grabbed me or my imagination its missing something – its not worth rushing home from the pub for or setting a recorder to capture. This is what makes me think I would prefer the books to the TV adaptation, the extra details might just bring it alive give it that extra something. I suspect that the first series is also setting the scene and bases for the next series so might need bear with it until series 2

So watch this space it might just be worth investing in the first book – hears hoping its better than the TV adaptation.

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