Review of Anthony & Cleopatra at the Globe 2014

Wood & Best Image not my own

Wood & Best Image not my own

Blimey I am sorry life has been a bit bumpy but I feel I have come through the other end now and hope to be more frequent blogger again!

So in July (YES I KNOW) I treated myself to my annual Globe Theatre trip. I am getting to the point were I am struggling to find plays I haven’t seen after 11 years of going to see Shakespeare on the south bank of the Thames.

This year I went to see the Roman epic of Anthony & Cleopatra. Here I need to say I of course know the basics of the history however I am no expert in Roman or Egyptian history but for me that was not the point of my trip, it was to see the play not to get a history lesson.

I really like the remodelling of the foyer as a result of the Sam Wannamaker Theatre the open box office is much nicer that the old window affair. The price of cushions seem to have dropped and I loved that I could pre pay for one with my tickets. On that note I would also love to say THANK YOU!!! Less than 24 hours after booking them the tickets were on my door mat; that is service. I love the drink and snack booths in the yard outside the theatre and although the drinks were a little more expensive than I would like they are good quality branded goods

Now to the play. I was not sure what to expect, but it was brilliant. Firstly the costumes were interesting. The female Egyptians costumes were stunning however the roman male costumes were Tudor, that was strange but is how Shakespeare may have staged it so it gave an authentic Tudor feel to the play.

The cast were great I recognised Mark Anthony’s face played by Clive Wood but could not tell you were from, he was a very masculine strong and emotionally blokey Anthony. Cleopatra was played by Eve Best a face I did not recognised but her performance was flawless. It was also nice to see a strong leading female character who was not a 20 something pretty thing but a 30 something woman. The role would not have suited a younger female, after all she was a woman in her 30s when she died in history.

The clean and minimal props use in globe production suited this play well as it changed location as the story unfolded. The performance was strong and believable partly as there was a chemistry between the 2 leads making the passion between the to leads have depth. this performance is up there with the performances Richard II and Anne Boleyn – which are tided as the best things I have seen at the Globe.

The only negative for the whole experience was an unpleasant, rude, patronizing, volunteer with bad frizz, about 4”8 complete with a rude attitude who started lecturing two women behind me on taking pictures when they weren’t. I have actors as friends and I am a regular theatre goer I would never take pictures during the performance and after speaking to these women who were the same age as myself they said the same; it turned out that they were just texting to check how their friend was as she had been a bit tipsy the night before. What I want to say to the GLOBE is that little Hitler’s like that do nothing for the theatre and if the women behind me had been doing something wrong that was no way to speak to them. It is also worth noting that before and after performances the Globe do allow pictures but not the Sam Wannamaker theatre.

I am looking forward to seeing what the Globe have to offer next year.

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