A Penny For My Guy Thoughts….

Laura Brennan, A Historian

Guy Fawkes

I have always disliked this time of year, particularly November 5th as I have a confession to make, with the exception of the fireworks I saw at Disneyworld – I hate fireworks. I hate them even more as a dog owner. But my personal feelings aside there is a great modern message to be learnt from our long tradition.


Of course there is a notion that Guy Fawlkes night is anti Catholic, well if we were to step back in time to the night in question, the eve before the opening of parliament that would have seen most of the aristocratic and royal family blown to smithereens if the plot had been successful, that makes it an anti terrorism and anti fundamentalist message in my book.


It is true that later on in the reign of Charles II when religion and politics were closely intertwined…

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