Goya @ The Courtauld Gallery, London

Image Not Mine

Image Not Mine

Goya is an artist I know little about but have been interested to see more of for a while. When I saw that he had an exhibition in London in the wonderful Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House I really wanted to see it however Life has been a bit busy so when I was in London this week I was determined to get to see it the show in its final days.

Great news Art fund pass holders there is a discount for the exhibition (when there is no exhibition its free to gain entrance) and the shows cost is halved.

The exhibition named Goya: The witches and Old Women Album is a collection of sketches and ink drawings for old haggard women – crones that could easily be the witches at the beginning of Macbeth. The detail and imagination that is captured in these caricatured wizened faces are both grotesque and beautiful to my eye.

Image Not Mine Two Old Ladies Fighting Goya

Image Not Mine Two Old Ladies Fighting Goya

The titles are just as amusing as the quirky pictures one such that made me chuckle was Old Ladies Fight Too, the picture made me think of Mrs Denine and Mrs Doyle fighting in Father Ted over who was going to pay for the Tea.

The 2 room exhibition is well worth a look however it finishes on Bank Holiday Monday. The rest of the Gallery homes some of the best examples of medieval and impressionist paintings in London and is most definitely worth a look around and an earlier review of this hidden treasure of London can be found here.

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