Ticking something off my Bucket list: Seeing Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

Image Not Mine

Image Not Mine

I must confess here and how that I am a fully signed up member of Agatha Christies Fan Club. This is a woman who created the one and only fantastic Hercule Poirot and the marvellous Miss Marple! What’s not to love but then she also married an archaeologist and was lucky enough to travel and see many of the places extremists are destroying now in the Arab world today and bring these places alive in some of her books.

For the last 2 years I have have kept promising myself to go and see Mousetrap, Christie’s play that hold the world record for longest running play in the Westend. It was quite by chance on Friday that I stumbled upon St Martins Theatre in Covent Garden and decided to see if they had any tickets available for that evening…. it was fate!

Firstly the theatre itself is dates from 1916 and is located in Covent Garden vasinity. The number of pre show eateries located nearby is good. Not only is it home to The mousetrap but St Martins is also in the ownership of the family who originally built it nearly 100 years ago.

I was situated in the upper circle be warned if you don’t do heights book lower level seats. The ceiling and décor were like a time machine, I could have been steping into an age of music halls, it was a delight even if the seats were harder than expected. As I waited for the performance to start I was a bit concerned that the view would be iffy however I need not have feared, when the curtain rose I had a fine view. I also highly recommend the interval ice cream.

Its the 1950s and the play is set in a guest house called Monkswell Guest house a young married couple the Ralston’s await their first paying guests in their venture. A catalogue of both expected guests and unexpected guest arrive. A murder in London and a local historic case of child neglect unexpectedly link several of the characters and result in a new murder…..

Of course being a good Christie story, she throws the audience several red herrings and twists through out the course of the play.

The costume, set and music were perfect for bringing the audience back to the 1950 (as I would have imagined them anyway) and there were fabulous comic performances from Robert Rees as Christopher Wren and Ian Target as Mr Paravicini.

Of course if you are expecting me to reveal whodunnit you will be sorely dispointed as I will #keepthesecret and highly recommend that you head along and see it for yourself. Box office 08444991515. website www.the-mousetrap.co.uk, twitter @mousetraplondon

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