Richard II

Stage settng Globe picture by L Brennan

Stage settng Globe picture by L Brennan

Its that time again dear readers – The annual trip to the Globe to see a new play.

Upon entering the theatre it was already different from May’s trip, the auditorium was hung with the White hart the symbol of Richard II the set was gold and the Iconic throne from the picture of Richard was on stage, we had entered the royal court.

We witness the coronation of our anti hero – the child actor eerily like the picture on the alter piece in the wing of the National Gallery.

And then we fast forward to the last year of Richards reign. Charles Edward (better known from Downton Abbey as Edith’s dead beau).

The costume and staging is brilliant and the trade mark minimal props added to the clean sharp production.

Of course we know that we should take Shakespearian history with a large pinch of salt for he like our modern film makers, he embroidered and tweaked history for the best story.

Despite being a history play, this production managed to bring audience participation and humour into the play.

The cast was made up of faces familiar to the Globe regulars and for me this is better as the acting speaks for itself not the actors celebrity.

The two nit picks I have are that the trade mark post play dance was missing and unlike the Merchant of Venice it wasn’t added at the beginning. I note the people behind me also made this comment. For me the dancing is like the cherry on the cake of the trips to the Globe.

The second being the age of Charles Edward as Richard II clearly a man in his 40s (dashing and handsome as he is) for me he is a tad too old for Richard. But that is personal thing and this is Shakespeare which portrays history with a creative licence.

For me Richard II is one of the strongest productions I have seen and is highly recommended.

Globe box office number is 0207 401 9919

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