On This Day: Death of Arabella Stuart 1615

Today is a sad day in Stuart and 17th Century history as it marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Arabella Stuart in the Tower of London. Hers is a sad story of heartache and abandonment. Her story started 5 years before when she married William Seymour without the permission of James I. The fact that they marred without seeking approval from the monarch, suggests that they know the answer would be no and that it was their choice i.e they were in love. 

The marriage lasted 17 days and the couple were imprisoned separately William in the tower and Arabella was under house arrest. This daring couple both attempted and managed to escape from their prospective goals however they were never to meet and Arabella was recaptured and this time incarcerated in the Tower.


She remained in the tower for 5 years and eventually died on the 25th September 1615, broken hearted, abandoned by her love and her king. The cause of death was starvation after she gave up and started starving herself.


Arabella was another Stuart who had ill luck just like her aunt Mary Queen of Scots her choice to follow her heart ultimately led to her demise and ill fortune. She was the cousin of James I and had been a potential candidate for the throne after Elizabeth’s death however that prize was ultimately won by James I who was male and already a king. His reign would link England and Scotland together and ultimately be the start of the united king of Great Britain.


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