Pleasure and Pain at the V&A

The Sign for the exhibition Image not Mine

Another Birthday treat was FINALLY seeing Pleasure & Pain at the V&A. 

As the resident Imedla Marcos ofall  the offices I have worked in I am proud of my Shoe collection. I love my shoes – regardless of how crap you might feel a good pair of shoes, a swipe of lippy and a squirt of scent can make a girl feel better. 

The exhibition inhabits the space were the Wedding dress exhibition was last year on split level off the sculpture court. 

I don’t believe that there was an audio guide for this exhibition but I just may not have seen it. 

The exhibition down stairs shows a variety of mainly womens shoes from a variety of ages and cultures including well known names such as Jimmy Choo. The shoes themselves were artistically displayed however I felt there was a lack of information and considering there was no audio guide more information would have been nice. 

I went late morning on a friday snd it was busy. I felt crowded and unable to take as long as I wanted looking at the exhibits. After examining the selection down stair the up stairs offered a selection of shoes including an autographed shie from Imedla Marcus herself. I was both saddened and horrified when 2 teenagers looked at the case and said “who is this Imedla chic why she do special?” 

The highlight for me was the video of shoe designers talking about their indpiration, how they design and shoes. Amongest the people taking part were Manolo Blanik and Christian Laboution both of whom were very watchable. (Blanik was fabulous and I would love to have a few pink gins with him!) 

Marylin Monroes shoes as seen in Exhibition image not mine

The gift shop small but perfectly well stocked with a wide range of shoe related merchandise. 

Art fund card holders get half price entrance and if your wanting to go over the festive period I recommend booking – if its going to be like the summer it will be necessary. The exhibition is on until 31st Jan 2016. 

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