Belated Happy Birthday to Queen Anne

Yesterday was the 351st anniversary of the Birth of Queen Anne, born 6th February 1665 at St James Palace.
I find Anne a fascinating character. Many remember her as the last Stuart monarch, the queen who had 18 pregnancies and no surviving issue to show for her pains. 

She is often depicted as fat, plain, greedy. And her sexuality has been chewed over, discussed and debated by historians and academics alike due to her close friendship with Sarah Churchill, the first Duchess of Marlborough. 

But in this post I would like to tell you a few interesting and positive facts about our last Stuart monarch who reigned from 1702-14

She was crowned on St Georges day 1702 but due to Gout she had to be brought to Westminster Abbey by sedan chair. 

Five years into her reign on 1st May 1707, the Acts of Union were passed by Parliament. This legally joined England and Scotland as a united kingdom of Great Britain with one Monarch and one Parliament. 

Anne attended more cabinet meetings during her 12 year reign than any of her predecessors or successive monarchs. However she, unlike her father, James II, was wise in using her royal prerogatives. 

Politically under her reign the political system was starting to look more like our own than previous administrations. 

She was a popular Monarch due to her protestant beliefs and that she was more democratic than her father and uncle Charles II and English unlike William of Orange, her predecessor, cousin and Brother in Law. 

As well as being Queen of England and Great Britain she was also Princess of Denmark through marriage to George. The couple dispute being a marriage of politics and alliances, was kind and cordial, even loving and affectionate. Anne was greatly grieved when George died in 1708. 

Anne Sommerset has written a biography of Anne and if your looking for a fictional read I highly recommend, A Want of Kindness by Joanne Limburg (currently reading it and Greatly enjoying it) 

*Please note Images in this Post are not mine. 

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