Royal Oak Day

Image not Mine – Charles Hiding in the Royal Oak 

Apologies for the huge gap in posts. It seems writing a book around life and work is harder than I thought and something had to give sadly blog posts were sacrificed, however I hope to improve things from now on.

Today 29th May is know to 17th Century historians as Royal Oak day one of the most mythologised parts of Charles II life; his escape from Worcester and his eventual return to mainland Europe.

Charles and a small band of loyal Cavaliers, the Duke of Buckingham amongst them, escaped and found themselves helped by local Catholic family the Pendrels. The next six weeks were spent hiding in priest holes and the folkloric “Royal Oak” at Boscobel.

During this period of his life, Charles even disguising himself as a wood cutter and servant to avoid being discovered by the parlimentarians . He would land in back in Normandy, France, on the 16th October 1651, still no closer to regaining his fathers lost throne.

Years later Charles would like to retell this adventure to all that would listen. In 1680, diarist and scandal loving Samuel Pepys was told this tale by the king who claimed a Roundhead passed directly under the tree while he was hiding.




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