From Triumph To Disaster My Second Trip To The Globe

Image from Globe and not my own

From one amazing experience last week, this weeks offering at the Globe and sadly The Taming o the Shrew did not even match the experience of last week. This modern take on Shrew although still set in Italy has the actors and costume of early 20th century Ireland complete with Cliches and stereotypes of the negative type; cringy to those of us from Irish backgrounds (my parentals were of Irish extract) more Angela’s ashes meets Shameless does Shakespeare than clever remake. For me personally it just did not work.

This then made me think how did Indian audiences feel like this about Midsummers Dream, were they uncomfortable, do they cringe at stereotypes the way I did at Shrew? Don’t get me wrong I can laugh at my background, Fr Ted and Mrs Browns boys are hilarious however maybe it was the setting or maybe it was a bit too close to the bone but for me the fine line between laughing at yourself and being mocked was over stepped.

For me Shrew has a fabulous and witty script, the bawdy and smutty undertones are fabulous but were all lost in trying to get my head around this concept in this unfortunate production

There were glimmers of glitter in the dreary black grey setting- literally the back drop was ash grey.

Kathy Rose O’Brien the Shrew Catherine – one to watch. Image not mine

First was the actress who played the Shrew, Catherine, Kathy Rose O’Brien. Her performance was strong, consistent and believable. A star in all sense of the word. I hope she comes back for more at the Globe.

The second glitter of the performance was the music. Just like films, music to Globe productions is vital; primarily as there are often very few props to help tell the story. The Irish music was well played – if you closed your eyes you could be transported to any pub within Temple Bar Dublin.

Also as I said in last weeks review a shake up of plays are healthy but if your going to shake up all of them in one season with no traditional style play or production this in my view goes against the ethos and purpose of the Globe theatre. one of these wacky concepts per season is beyond fine but many want to see Shakespeare in a more traditional adaptation and I know I am not alone in this thinking. All the plays this season I have seen before but if this had been my first experience of Shrew live I would have been very disappointed.

My view frm my seat Image by L Brennan

Part of me is curious to see whats has been done to Macbeth another of the seasons productions however I am not sure I am brave enough to test it.

Of the two I have seen I highly recommend Midsummers nights dream but sadly I don’t feel happy about doing so for Shrew.

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