a day in the life of Samuel Pepys, 16th November 1666

Sorry about the delay between posts! New Job. New Home. New responsibilities. Book to write – deadline looming 27K still left to write – please send Gin and chocolate this way!


Samuel Pepys as depicted by the wonderful Horrible History fols – Image not my own!

One of my new favourite reads and primary sources for my Monmouth manuscript is the 17th Century scandal loving, court gossip and diarist, Samuel Pepys.  So I found an extract of his diary from 16th November 1666:

Up again betimes to attend the examination of Mr Gawden’s accounts, where we all met, but I did little but fit myself for the drawing my great letter to the Duke of York of the state of the navy for the want of money. At noon to the ‘Change, and thence back to the new tavern come by us; The Three Tuns, where D. Gawden did feast us all with a chine of beef and other good things, and an infinite dish of foul, but all spoiled in the dressing. This noon I met with Mr Hooke, and he tells me the dog which was filled with another dogs blood at the college the other day is very well and like to be so as ever, and doubts  not it being found of great use to Men; and so do Dr Whistler, who dined with us at the tavern. Thence home in the evening, and I to my Preparing my letter, and did go a pretty way in it, staying late upon it, and then home to supper and to bed, the weather being on a sudden set to be very cold.

I find it mind blowing that in the 17th century there was a blood transfusion in a dog. How English is Pepys taking about the weather, complaining about food and dining in pubs.  I promise to attempt to be a better blogger ……

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