Another important part of my formative years left us on Christmas Day. 

Image no my own. Little wonder I fell in love with is man as a teenager ❤️

Lets go back to the mid 80s. My brother and I love Michael Jackson, Bros and Wham. Wake me up before you go-go was  fun to jump on the sofa to and squak along to. 

In the 90s as a teenager I fell in love with George Michael his lyrics hit home to those hormone crazed and confused times. Music was for me a route to mental escapism. 

My 18th birthday I went to Wembley and

Image not mine – George in his trade mark sunnies

saw George as part of Netaid with other artist such as Robbie Williams – the reason I had asked for tickets was to see George. The cold October air and beer in plastic bottles were worth it to see George. 

A pligrimage to Plymouth to see George live in 2007 – waiting on tender hooks for the okay from the venue after thunderstorms threatened to cancel the gig. 

Image not my own – Faith

Like the greats seeing George Live was amazing the pirontecnics and staging was not necessary as george sang live the material from his career and could still bust the moves and wiggle that bottom. Worth the sleeper train the grim b&b and Plymouth. 

Georges songs have an ability to hit home. Jesus to a child sent goosebumps up the back of my neck, Father figure spoke to me, fastlove, freedom, outside, careless whisper, faith…. the list goes on and on everyone of those songs held a special place in for me as a teen and young adult. 

Even as a hetrosexual female George Michael normalised sexuality – sex is a normal part of being human. That maybe one of his biggest gifts to the world.

Even today I find comfort and safety in music that can transport me back to a point in my life or help decode an emotion I haven’t the words to describe. Many try but few express these things clearly George Michael could in his lyrics. 

He was and will always be a big part of my life. Georges music is his beautiful legacy.  The greatest sadness is that there will be no new material. 

George thank you for being there at the important points in my life, soothing my broken heart, being part of my tribe, being frank about sexuality and not giving a f*ck about the haters, being generous and sharing your beautiful music with the world. 

Image not mine. George Michael 1963-2016

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One Response to Another important part of my formative years left us on Christmas Day. 

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Came as quite a shock.
    One of my wife’s favorite singers and I enjoyed much of his music as well.

    At least you can consider yourself fortunate you got to see him live!

    All the best for the upcoming year.

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