The Death of a Duke

15th July 1685, Tower Hill. A 35 year old man climbs the scaffolding erected on Tower Hill the purpose of this moment, the moment of his death. The last person on his mind is not his long suffering wife or any of the children that he had with her, but his last mistress with whom he loved passionately, Lady Henrietta Maria Wentworth. The man in questions name was James Scott, the late Duke of Monmouth, eldest illegitimate child of the late King Charles II, traitor and rebel, condemned to die upon the orders of his estranged uncle and rival, King James II.

Even though these events happened 332 years ago, they have had a get impact on my life personally. I fell in love with the Duke of Monmouth when he was the subject of my MA dissertation, I found the times he lived in, the politics, and socio religious climate at the dawn of the early modern period fascinating, and in some ways we are still seeing the ripples of this time reflected in todays politics.

So today on the anniversary of his horrific and botched execution upon Tower Hill it gives me great pleasure to reveal the cover for my first book which happens to be about The Duke of Monmouth. It seems I found the Duke so unforgettable that 8 years after completing my MA I have a book on him about to be published.

Currently the manuscript in in the editing process with my publishers, Pen and Sword books and we are looking towards a publication date in spring 2018.

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