About Laura Brennan

 Thank you for stopping by and reading my humble ramblings. I am a postgraduate historian and hold both a BA Hons (2:1) and an MA in history. I have a passion for English history especially from mid 15th century to early 18th Century, however I am curious about all world history especially if it affects the present.

I am currently writing a biography on the life of the Duke of Monmouth tobe  published by Pen and Sword in Autumn 2017 

The point of this blog is for me to have a place to indulge in my passion for the past as well as my love of art, culture, travel and exhibitions therefore you will find non history posts from time to time.

I studied a wide range of topics from JFK, to the Witch Craze of Europe to the Boer War. I indulged my love of strong women in history in my dissertation which focused on the relationship between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I.

My MA dissertation specialised in Restoration England specifically, the rise and fall of James Scott, the Duke of Monmouth.

I am open to undertake research projects and give talks. Please contact me via my contacts page if your interested in finding more about topics and prices. Please note I will not respond to students requests to do their homework or assignments

All views expressed here are my own (unless otherwise stated or quoted) and they do not reflect those of my employers.

Many thanks

Laura Brennan, BA Hons, MA