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Update and Happy Birthday Agatha Christie

I know its been a while since I sat and typed you a post. Life’s been busy. Temp role then a second edit of Monmouth and another temp role. I am now juggling time between writing book two and job … Continue reading

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The Death of a Duke

15th July 1685, Tower Hill. A 35 year old man climbs the scaffolding erected on Tower Hill the purpose of this moment, the moment of his death. The last person on his mind is not his long suffering wife or … Continue reading

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Otello Live from the ROH

Time has slipped away and sadly I have neglected the blog and for that I apologise. After the success of Wolf Works live via the cinema I wanted to see how the opera faired live via the big screen compared … Continue reading

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Nell Gwynn at the Globe

Editing phase 1 has been completed for my Monmouth book and I am happy to announce that the title has officially changed to The Duke of Monmouth, His Life and Rebellion and after a few weeks off and settling into … Continue reading

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ENO’s Pirates of Penzance

I did it – I submitted the manuscript at the end of February. Who knew that the writing was actually the easy bit. All I will says is that editing is a whole different ball game and not one I … Continue reading

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Ballet Live 2017: Woolf Works

With 19 days until my manuscript deadline and a new job to find I should not be blogging and probably should not have gone to the Ballet live last night but dear reader I am very glad I did. For … Continue reading

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Another important part of my formative years left us on Christmas Day. 

Lets go back to the mid 80s. My brother and I love Michael Jackson, Bros and Wham. Wake me up before you go-go was  fun to jump on the sofa to and squak along to.  In the 90s as a … Continue reading

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