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The Secret Theatre: A review

With finishing one book, temping and working on a second Manuscript has meant that the blog this year has been somewhat neglected. So in the summer when I saw that there was a Elizabethan themed play due to run at … Continue reading

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The Death of a Duke

15th July 1685, Tower Hill. A 35 year old man climbs the scaffolding erected on Tower Hill the purpose of this moment, the moment of his death. The last person on his mind is not his long suffering wife or … Continue reading

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Nell Gwynn at the Globe

Editing phase 1 has been completed for my Monmouth book and I am happy to announce that the title has officially changed to The Duke of Monmouth, His Life and Rebellion and after a few weeks off and settling into … Continue reading

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Another important part of my formative years left us on Christmas Day. 

Lets go back to the mid 80s. My brother and I love Michael Jackson, Bros and Wham. Wake me up before you go-go was  fun to jump on the sofa to and squak along to.  In the 90s as a … Continue reading

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a day in the life of Samuel Pepys, 16th November 1666

Sorry about the delay between posts! New Job. New Home. New responsibilities. Book to write – deadline looming 27K still left to write – please send Gin and chocolate this way! One of my new favourite reads and primary sources for my … Continue reading

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19 years since the death of Princess Diana

Today is the 19th anniversary of the death of the late Princess Diana, in Paris. How time flies I remember where I was when I found out, it as a weekend morning, a Sunday I think and both my parents … Continue reading

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My Nine Hour Jaunt to Gay Paris 

Apologies about my lack of posts. Life just got a bit real again, a few chapters closed, new beginnings have started, routines have changed. I drafted this on a crowded commuter train at 19:25 on Tuesday only to finish it … Continue reading

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