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19 years since the death of Princess Diana

Today is the 19th anniversary of the death of the late Princess Diana, in Paris. How time flies I remember where I was when I found out, it as a weekend morning, a Sunday I think and both my parents … Continue reading

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Me and Europe; My Thoughts and Reflections

When you look at the history of Britain pretty quickly you realise that Britain is one of the most European countries with in the European continent. Let me explain: A long time ago before there was England there were only … Continue reading

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BBC2: Bloody Queens Elizabeth and Mary

Apologies about the gap between posts dear readers, life has somewhat been turned upside down over the last 3 weeks. So much so that I did not see that there was a programme on BBC 2 about the subject of … Continue reading

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Where were you 14 years ago?

 I There are monents in social history where people of certain ages remember where they were when key events in global history took place. For my parents generation it was the assignation of JFK, as a teenager, the death of Princess … Continue reading

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Marking The Death of Anne Of Cleves

Some may say that Anne of Cleves was one of the luckiest women in history as she was to wed, not bed and escape with her head from Henry VIII. In truth in coming to England Anne was escaping from … Continue reading

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