13th July 2011

Many Thanks to The Kids In Museum Website for publishing my review of the best Picnic spot in London

Laura Linehan recommends the museums in Greenwich

One of the best places to have a picnic in London is on the lawns outside the Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House in Greenwich. The two sites are next to each other and have excellent lawns, ideal to picnic on. The grounds are enclosed by railing, ensuring that it safe for little children. In the case of a wet visit to Greenwich there is lovely spacious galley mezzanine area in the main part of the Maritime Museum, complete with café. Alternatively you can wander around the corner to Greenwich Park, where the 2012 equestrian sports will take place, and find a picnic spot near the Royal Observatory.  All in all Greenwich is a great family day out! “

Thanks Guys!

Many thanks BBC History Magazine for another Tweet Quote in July 2011 issue:

“HistorianLaura: Fergal Keane tells the History of Eire sensitively without racial stereotypes & with the skill of a journalist; Great Viewing”

The quote was a Tweet Review of Fergal Keans History of Ireland aired on BBC2 in May/June 2011.  

@GuardianBooks Retweeted a PG Woodhouse quote that I retweeted from my Timeline on 9th May 2011:                             “RT @HistorianLaura ‘I just sit at my typewriter and curse a bit’ #Typewriter”

Another Tweet is quoted in mention in BBC History Magazine in April 2011:

HistorianLaura: Neil Oliver has a passion & Enthusiasm that is infectious & makes Riviting Watching! More great BBC2 History TV!

“Riveting Watching” is also used as a picture caption of the man himself Neil Oliver.

The subject of the tweet was of course Neils recent series History of Ancient Britain.

BBC History Magazine printed one of my tweets in the January 2011 issue.

Tweet was in reference to the Ancient World Series presented by Richard Miles

HistorianLaura : I am really enjoying the story as its an area of history I am not familiar. Entertaining non patronizing.