While studying as an history undergrad I took a variety of subjects including:

  • Britain from the civil war to waterloo C1630-1815
  • Africans in 18th century Britain
  • Union & Disunion, the USA 1877-1992
  • Radical Discourse in western culture
  • Gandhi and the Triumph of Indian nationalism 1914-48
  • The Origins of the First World War 1871-1914
  • Britain’s Imperial Century 1840-1902
  • Witchcraft, Religion and Magic in England
  • Race & Society in the American South 1868-1968
  • The rise & fall of the British Empire
  • The Boar War 1899-1902
  • The Uses of History
  • Independent Study: Does the way JFK handled the Cuban Missile Crisis contribute to his reputation as a successful leader in foreign policy?
  • Dissertation: Explain why the relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots was a complex struggle that eventually ended in Mary’s execution

At Post Graduate level I studied:

  • The hidden Wiring: Government and the Constitution Since 1945
  • History: Approaches, Methods Challenges
  • Understanding Religion Historically Part 1
  • Understanding Religion Historically Part 2
  • Dissertation: Access the events and causes between 1679-1685, that contribute to James Scott, Duke of Monmouth’s fall from grace and eventual execution.

While volunteering at Slough Museum, I have carried out research for visitors and locals a like who have contacted the museum via snail mail, Email or face to face inquires about local history.

These Research topics include:

  • Local butchers and cattle markets from the turn of the 20th Century
  • What happened in Burnham Beeches during World War II.
  • The local myths & legends of the “Ostrich Inn” Colnbrook
  • Buckinghamshire Homeguards within Slough
  • Earthworks Information regarding Cippenham Palace within the Museums Archive
  • Early Factories that established Slough Trading Estate
  • Stoke Poges House & its history
  • Military Bases in Slough in 1943
  • Local Chemists on Slough High Street and their individual remedies between 1880-1989.
  • Eton Union Work House, Upton
  • Red Lion (Crown Corner, Off High Street Slough)
  • Baylis House 1900- mid 20th century, its owners, uses and renovation.
  • Slough Theatre Group Circa 1880, Venues and performance details.
  • The dates of specific local Mayors during the late 20th Century.
  • The various locations of the late Woolworths branches in Slough