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Horace Walpole and his defence of Richard III

Hello all, sorry I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Currently I am on an intense IT course. Who knew that Powerpoint was worse than Excel? Utter over complex picky programme – Anyway commuting in the morning has given me reading time … Continue reading

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A Penny For My Guy Thoughts….

I have always disliked this time of year, particularly November 5th as I have a confession to make, with the exception of the fireworks I saw at Disneyworld – I hate fireworks. I hate them even more as a dog … Continue reading

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Fighting for freedom but denied it at home: Why I feel its unjust to still consider Conscientious Objectors as Cowards.

  Today people who live in the free world hold dear the principles of freedom of speech and belief. We fought 2 world wars in order to maintain these principles and yet during these times of war, there were the … Continue reading

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How Time Warps History in British Culture

 17th November 2011 They say time is a great healer I think each of us can testify to that in one form or another. Our feelings become less raw and our perspectives change. This is true of Historical events as … Continue reading

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Is Immigration A Legacy of the British Empire?

17th October 2011 During the 2010 General election one of the biggest issues highlighted by the electorate was the thorny subject of immigration. Politicians were particularly vague upon the subject considering it was one of the biggest national concerns. I … Continue reading

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