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The Secret Theatre: A review

With finishing one book, temping and working on a second Manuscript has meant that the blog this year has been somewhat neglected. So in the summer when I saw that there was a Elizabethan themed play due to run at … Continue reading

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BBC2: Bloody Queens Elizabeth and Mary

Apologies about the gap between posts dear readers, life has somewhat been turned upside down over the last 3 weeks. So much so that I did not see that there was a programme on BBC 2 about the subject of … Continue reading

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The Death of Prince Albert, 14th December 1861

It is easy to forget that, once upon a time in this country, disease was rife and illnesses that can be easily treated now, could kill. On 14th December 1861, Queen Victoria’s consort, the beloved husband and father to her … Continue reading

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Marking The Death of Anne Of Cleves

Some may say that Anne of Cleves was one of the luckiest women in history as she was to wed, not bed and escape with her head from Henry VIII. In truth in coming to England Anne was escaping from … Continue reading

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Vikings: Life & Legend

  Those of you who drop in frequently to mu blog know how much I love the BritishMuseum. When I heard about the Viking Exhibition I have to say I want greatly excited. The Items on display are amazing however … Continue reading

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