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BBC2: Bloody Queens Elizabeth and Mary

Apologies about the gap between posts dear readers, life has somewhat been turned upside down over the last 3 weeks. So much so that I did not see that there was a programme on BBC 2 about the subject of … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2015: Historical Woman if Importance Bess of Hardwick

I have always been drawn to strong women in history, mostly because to have a mention they must have been pretty special. Previous IWD posts have been Joan of Arc, Mary Queen of Scots, but this year I though I … Continue reading

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A mixed review of The Victoria & Albert Museums’ Pearl Exhibition

Another Art fund Card outing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this exhibition I had done no back ground research as to what it about, I just happened to be in that part of town and I went … Continue reading

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In My End Is My Beginning – The National Museum of Scotland’s Exhibition on Mary Queen of Scots

For those of use who have studied history, we have come across many spellbinding and interesting characters who have left there mark on both the national and international historical stage; but there are a few of these characters who get … Continue reading

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Worst Jobs in History: Executioners

As the task of finding a job continues I have once again found myself thinking of some of the worst jobs on offer in history. Fairly high up on that list of worst jobs came, Executioner. When I think of … Continue reading

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Democracy, Westminster Hall & 20th January.

As I sit and write this, the view from my window is of a winter wonderland. Which makes me wonder how people survived before the time of 15tog duvets and central heating, let alone made history.   The 20th of … Continue reading

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