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Belated Happy Birthday to Queen Anne

   Yesterday was the 351st anniversary of the Birth of Queen Anne, born 6th February 1665 at St James Palace. I find Anne a fascinating character. Many remember her as the last Stuart monarch, the queen who had 18 pregnancies … Continue reading

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God Save Elizabeth II, Long Live the Queen

There is a certain irony in the fact that 3 of the most successful monarchs in British history have been women especially when you consider the lengths to which Henry VIII went to get a male heir.  His second daughter … Continue reading

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My visit to the Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery

If you’re a pro republic reader you may want to stop reading now as this is yet another royal post. Last week I found myself in London for the afternoon before a meeting and was near Victoria Station. When on … Continue reading

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Anne Boleyn, Muse, wife, Queen & Mother. But was she a wronged woman?

Every 19th May flowers are sent to the Tower of London. They are sent for a Queen to mark her death. The Queen in question was Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII; executed on charges of High Treason, … Continue reading

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