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The Death of a Duke

15th July 1685, Tower Hill. A 35 year old man climbs the scaffolding erected on Tower Hill the purpose of this moment, the moment of his death. The last person on his mind is not his long suffering wife or … Continue reading

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Royal Oak Day

Image not Mine – Charles Hiding in the Royal Oak  Apologies for the huge gap in posts. It seems writing a book around life and work is harder than I thought and something had to give sadly blog posts were … Continue reading

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Belated Happy Birthday to Queen Anne

   Yesterday was the 351st anniversary of the Birth of Queen Anne, born 6th February 1665 at St James Palace. I find Anne a fascinating character. Many remember her as the last Stuart monarch, the queen who had 18 pregnancies … Continue reading

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The Death of Two 17th Century Women of Pleasure

   The 14th November sees the anniversary of the death of not 1 but 2 of Charles II mistresses, Nell Gwenn and her Catholic French rival “Fubbs” Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth; in 1687 and 1734 respectively.  Both women … Continue reading

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The Frustration Of Having A Brain….

The Recent programme The Necessary War was for me a breathe of fresh air. It was nice to see history programming that was not dumbed down. I like that Max Hastings didn’t assume the viewer was ignorant of the events … Continue reading

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In My End Is My Beginning – The National Museum of Scotland’s Exhibition on Mary Queen of Scots

For those of use who have studied history, we have come across many spellbinding and interesting characters who have left there mark on both the national and international historical stage; but there are a few of these characters who get … Continue reading

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